Picnic Presents

x sunday july 1st x 2pm x
x 6 rooms x 6 floors x 1 day x

Kings Cross Hotel – Kings Cross

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1st Release $69+BF (EB)

2nd Release $84+BF (EB)

Final Release $99+BF (EB & RA)

Picnic Touring & Events are dizzy with pride to finally announce our first foray into the world of music festivals and as you may have guessed, we’re not about starting small. Featuring the Australian debuts of the legendary Joe Claussell, Minimal Wave label boss Veronica Vasicka and some of the most impressive names from the Music From Memory camp, we invite you to join us for an EPIC one day dance; to feel, experience and get lost in Maximum Joy!


Dip in the Pool

Live - JPN

This one’s for you; for the youtube diggers, the Japanese pop enthusiasts and the Music From Memory obsessives.

Japanese duo Dip In The Pool began to gather a small but dedicated cult following after their debut release on Rough Trade in 1985 but the spotlight really shone their way in early 2016 when the MFM camp released a 12” of their work. We’ve been blissing out to it ever since! Their sonic and aesthetic individuality endears them to their long time fans while the exquisite combination of sensitive and minimalist tracks released by the duo allow for the new fans to come raining in. They’ll be bringing you the vibes, live, on the rooftop of Kings Cross hotel.


LIve - DE

Quite possibly the sharpest and most captivating live set around, Detroit’s electro outfit Dopplereffekt are as mysterious as they are prolific. Their fans are up there in the millions and their first LP Gesamtkunstwerk has slowly elevated to cult status since its release in 1999 but surprisingly little is known for sure about the duo.

Rumours abound about the true intention behind the music, who its core members are and whether or not there are ties to the legendary Drexciya, but behind all of this speculation – behind their masks – is a spectacular body of work and a level of skill that will blow you away.  Don’t get caught up in the mystery, get caught up in that funky 808. 

Jamie Tiller & Tako

Music from memory - NL DE

Over the past few years Jamie Tiller has cemented his reputation as one of the most important tastemakers around. The deepest of diggers, he works tirelessly to unearth obscure gems, which he showcases throughout his DJs sets; audio stories from the furthest corners of the globe told with so much depth they can soundtrack the wildest dance or the quietest of introspections.

It’s hard to believe that Music From Memory, which Tiller runs with Tako, is only five years old considering the large scale impact that the labels’ releases have had on the current music landscape. MFM and the sub-label Second Circle have changed the way we listen to music and opened our minds to a world of music we may not have encountered otherwise.

We’re indebted to Jamie and the time he’s spent digging up those glorious tunes. We can’t wait for him to blast his newest discoveries over the sound system on the rooftop of the Kings Cross Hotel. 

Joe Claussell


Since the 90s, the legendary Joe Claussell has guided many a curious dance music fan through the diverse and sacred world of house music. He’s held your hand on the dance floor and opened up a brand new world of music that embraces African, Brazilian, Latin and Middle Eastern rhythms and while crossing over into disco, jazz and house.

A serious vinyl collector since the age of 15, Joe began sharing music from behind the counter at Dance Tracks records in New York city and from here began producing his own records and releasing those of others under his labels Spiritual Life Music and Ibadan Records. He’s collaborated and remixed for the likes of music luminaries Femi Kuti, Herbie Hancock, Sade and Diana Ross to name a few, but his own productions are the ones that have left that indelible mark on every dancer that’s ever grooved to his music.

If you share a passion for deep, introspective rhythms then Joe Claussell’s Australian debut will move your body to its core. 


Live - JPN

Kuniyuki has spent a good part of his career as one of Japan’s best kept secrets but in the last decade has emerged as one of the world’s most revered electronic artists. This is thanks to a huge volume of releases on Mule Musiq and countless collaborations with the likes of Vakula, DJ Nature and Henrik Schwarz. He’s also been remixed by the man himself, another Maximum Joy headliner, Joe Claussell.

Kuni is a quietly prolific producer working under the aliases Koss, Frr Hive and Forth with works spanning downtempo, drum n bass, techno and house. His deep respect and genuine curiosity for music gives him seemingly boundless freedom to express himself and to experiment with new sounds. 

Michal Turtle


British-born, Swedish-based Michal Turtle has a very serious, long-term relationship with eclectic music. Having started his musical obsession on drums and piano at the age of eight, he went on to play in various rock bands as well as in England’s National Youth Jazz Orchestra. Later in life, he took his studies to the next level at the Royal Academy of Music in London.  So, you get it. He’s the real deal. 

Another Music from Memory alumni, a selection of Turtle’s strange-yet-charming music was reissued early on in the labels history and has popped up again twice since then. A creator of the dreamiest electro-jazz, balmy ambient dub and languid 4th world grooves, this year he released more music from his archive to much acclaim. It’s been a pleasure to watch his well-deserved rise from obscurity to the highest rooftop of Kings Cross. 

Sleep D


There’s not much resting when it comes to Sleep D. The two techno lads from Melbourne, Maryos and Corey have built a solid reputation with their bold live sets and ultra crisp productions. In the last few years they have conjured up several stellar releases on their prolific imprint Butter Sessions, shedding light on Australian artists such as Dan White, Cale Sexton and Furious Frank while also repping some huge internationals like Jayda G and DJ Fettburger.

Down under they have guided dancers on a heady auditory journey playing live on the main stages of Strawberry Fields, Pitch Festival and Inner Varnika. While recent collaborations with ambient house lords Albrecht La’brooy have seen their more mellow side shine.  They’ve successfully wormed their way through to the guts of their scene’s consciousness with a wealth of experience, as well as releasing these live sets on wax. Sleep D are really the techno gift that keep on giving. Often seen around Sydney doing the do for Heavenly, it’s no surprise which stage they’ll grace on the day.



A sublime DJ with a knack for gold mining, Tako is constantly travelling to the ends of the earth hungry for eclectic sonic treasures you’ve never heard. His love of music was ignited early via labels such as Transmat, Nugroove, Trax and Retroactive then throughout the 90s his tastes evolved and Tako and friends would spend hours on end in his Amsterdam apartment listening to ambient, new age and oddball disco; sounds that define him still.

Not surprisingly Tako is also one half of the wildly beautiful Music from Memory imprint. Alongside Jamie Tiller, these two manage to bring unheard and long lost musical pieces back to life through their catalogue; at a pace that we are barely able to keep up with. Tako is also part of the Red Light Records crew and a vital figure in Amsterdam’s inspiring music scene.  He’s played weird and wacky bangers on the dance floors of nearly every city in the world and his ability to curate meaningful aural stories allows make his sets standouts in our books.   

Veronica Vasicka

Minimal Wave - NYC

We waited for forever and she’s finally here.  A torchbearer for cold wave, post punk and weird synth music, Veronica has spent the last 10+ years devoting her time to uncovering obscure electronic music from the 1970s and 80s and reissuing it on her label Minimal Wave. These punchy and dance floor ready releases have been championed by the likes of Helena Hauff and have helped to propel Veronica’s distinct sound to the forefront of left field club music.

Dive deeper into her work and you’ll find yourself digging through her sub-label Cititrax, a space for new artists with that same Minimal Wave sensibility. Think Marie Davidson, Borusiade and Regis.  It’s finally Sydney’s turn to get lost in the carefully curated, dark and dingy world of one of electronic music’s most dedicated music archaeologists. 

+ Locals

Adi Toohey . Andy Webb B2B MiKE WHO . ANGOPHORA (LIVE) . Ben Drayton . Boogie Monster B2B Anno (Lovebombs) . DIN (LIVE) . Freda & Jackson (Moonshoe) . Hani Hanbali . Heavenly Soundsystem . Karim B2B Daniel Lupica . Kato . Ken Oath Soundsystem . Lauren Hansom . Low Flung (live) . Mango (live) . DR. MERPH . Nat JamesSimon Caldwell . Tim Boyd (Black Wattle) . TOM STUDDY B2B ARIANE


Music From Memory Presents

The Rooftop

Dip in the Pool

[Live] JPN

Michal Turtle


Jamie Tiller & Tako

Music from memory – NL DE

ANGOPHORA (LIVE) . Adi Toohey . Lauren Hansom . Hani Hanbali

Picnic X House of Mince Presents

The Bordello

Joe Claussell


Veronica Vasicka

Minimal Wave – NYC



[Live] DE

Ben Drayton . Simon Caldwell . Kato

Heavenly Presents

The Club


[Live] JPN

Sleep D


Heavenly Soundsystem . Nat James . Tim Boyd (Black Wattle)

Ken Oath X Moonshoe X  Moontown presents

Ground floor label showcase

Din [Live] .  Low flung [Live] . Mango [Live]

Freda & Jackson [DJ] (Moonshoe)

Ken Oath Soundsystem

Dr. Merph

Midnight Swims presents

disco diner and balcony

Andy webb B2b Mike Who

Boogie Monster B2b Anno

Karim B2b Daniel Lupica

Tom Studdy B2B Ariane

TenPieces Rude Club presents

dive bar


Matt Format . Beau Kirq . Aaron Manhatten

Music by Kali

Decor by Dreamcatcher